Other Hillwalking Options

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Training Days

We can offer high quality training days nationwide – if you’re a group that will have to travel a long way to do the Y3P then why not consider a training day closer to home. We carefully choose terrain and a route within an hour or so of anywhere in the UK and you’ll approach the event itself knowing you’ll be successful! Please contact us with your requirements.

Alternatively, if you can make it to the peaks, there’s no substitute for giving them a go in training, so get in touch!

Route Familiarisations

If you want to train on the route, we can organise walks over any of the peaks, or a combination of 2 peaks as you approach the full three peaks challenge itself.

If you’ve booked us for your three peaks challenge, we am able to offer these days at a reduced rate – please get in touch for more details.

Relay events

Relay events are a great way to enjoy the Three Peaks Challenge challenge, especially for bigger groups as everyone gets to join in and feel part of something special.

These events do often need an additional guide so please get in touch with us if this is something you’d like to do. 


The walk is about 24 miles, with plenty of ups and downs. You should be able to walk for a full day of around 8 hours in any terrain. The extra bit of energy to do that last climb or the last miles will come from the motivation that you are achieving something really special.

If that seems daunting, don’t be afraid; just get started and remember that every step makes you stronger!

Joe, your qualified guide, has the skill and experience to ensure your safety at all times. With an outdoor sports First Aid qualification and full insurance, you can be sure of a safe hike!

There’s lots of people offering informal walk-rounds or who’ll offer to accompany you on the day – they may be well intentioned but what happens if something goes wrong?

By choosing a qualified guide you are rightly putting your safety first.

There is no maximum; an ideal size is around 8 but get in touch to let us know your requirements.

If you’re a larger group, or have a greater range of abilities, we can arrange additional guides, allowing bigger groups to split into smaller groups according to time, fitness or friendships.

For 2021/2022, Joe’s charge is £320 for a group of up to 8 (£40 per person). As larger groups may require an additional guide please contact us. We are now taking bookings for 2022 – book now to secure your preferred date!

No – there’s so many options it’s much easier for everyone if you make your own arrangements. Just remember, on the day we will start early, normally at 0630-0700, so staying over the night before is essential!

Our Testimonials

“ I would highly recommend using Three Peaks Life if you are looking to take part in a hillwalking expedition. It was great fun and Joe's planning & management of the trip made it even better. ”



“I can't recommend Three Peaks Life enough. We did multiple training days for the challenge and it was great. The pace was just right and having the accommodation booked made the whole trip hassle free. ”



“We used Three Peaks Life for a corporate event and the whole team had a fantastic time. The walk was completely safe and well-planned. Thanks to Joe, the challenge was a great success."



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